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A Place To Jot Down My U.S And UK Psephology Thoughts

I thank you for coming and visiting The Projection Desk! My name is Luis A. Mendez, I’m a published author of both fiction and non-fiction currently working on what I hope to be my first published novel while also starting up this newsletter so that I can jot down my thoughts on the past, present, and future of electoral trends for U.S presidential elections and UK general elections.

I originally began my personal author website back in 2016 as a place on the worldwide web to showcase any fiction or non-fiction writing of mine. At that same time frame, I also had a website dedicated to my psephology-based interests regarding U.S presidential elections and UK general elections. However that website is now gone, and I have been struggling as to how exactly I plan to show my continuing fascination and hard work on this subject through a website that is more centralized towards written projects. Therefore, I have compromised by starting up this 100% free Substack newsletter where I can keep all of my psephology-based projects or thoughts that aren't proper for my separate non-fiction articles on here.

It will be updated only when I have something to say on the newsletter’s subject. This is an infrequently updated Substack newsletter and I’m upfront about that. Sometime In the coming weeks and months, I will post my thoughts on how to properly forecast elections for President in the U.S and general elections for the UK using simple poll averaging, while also noting what historical trends I am looking for when it comes to both of these specific type of elections. After that I plan to post when need be regarding future elections and my personal forecasts for them or my personal opinion on the factors that will decide those races.

For now, you will already be able to find another post for this newsletter regarding a quick glance back at the history of U.K general election polling, results, etc. After that I will be posting a post-mortem on my attempts on social media to forecast the 2020 U.S presidential election and my own personal analysis on why we got the result that we got. And then I will begin to work on a series looking extensively at the history of presidential elections, only stopping in-between when looking at any other public opinion trends that I decide are interesting me at that moment to write about right then.

Until then, if you’d like to be notified of when I update this particular newsletter, please subscribe. This is a 100% free newsletter. Looking forward to any of your extra time on here to come in the near and hopefully long-term future.


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